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The ancient teachings of yoga have never been so relevant in today’s busy, fast paced world! Yoga allows us to slow down, re-connect with ourselves and look at life from a different perspective. Much more than just a physical exercise class, yoga can help us to achieve inner stillness, a sense of calm in our mind and improve our overall well-being.


Class Styles include:

 Vinyasa Flow, flowing sequences that include traditional asana (physical postures)


Yin Yoga, a quiet contemplative practice that is focused around deeper healing and the deepest tissues in our body known as fascia


Restorative Yoga, a restful practice that allows you to slow down and encourage relaxation through supported postures and stillness



Classes may also include pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation and sound infused relaxation. All classes are mixed ability, beginners welcome! All classes hold a maximum of 5 spaces, allowing for an intimidate and more focused practice. 

You can book your preferred class below!


'I have been doing Sophie's yoga class for about a year now. She is always so lovely and welcoming. The group is so friendly. The content of the class is brilliant and you are always able to adapt the movements and poses to your individual level. Thanks Sophie'


Julie, Tamworth

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