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There are a few different ways to choose the perfect crystal for yourself, or for a gift. These are our favourite ways to do so!

1) Intuition: 

As you're exploring and searching through different crystals, notice if you feel particularly drawn or connected to a specific one. It may be the colour that draws you in or just the stone in general! Sometimes this crystal will hold the energy we didn't even know we needed!

2) Using crystal properties: 

Looking more deeply into the meanings and properties of crystals can really help you to choose the right one for you! Every crystal is different and welcomes in a different energy, so reading more into what they do can be a useful way to decide if there's a specific energy you want to experience more of in your life, or an energy that you want to pass on to somebody else. We have put together a little "Crystal Library" to help you delve deeper into the different properties our crystals have to offer! 

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