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High Vibe Alignment is a holistic and wellbeing brand created in 2015 by Yoga and meditation teacher, Sophie Rogers. Sophie opened High Vibe Crystal Cabin in Tamworth, Staffordshire in 2018. Here she designs and creates bespoke jewellery with beautiful semi precious gemstones set in silver and gold. The Crystal Cabin is also full of beautiful crystals and other well-being products and sits within the lovely Grangewood Garden Centre. Sophie hosts weekly yoga classes and runs workshops in mindfulness and meditation.

My Story So Far...


My passion for crystals, yoga and all things well-being came about when I was going through treatment for cervical cancer. Being only 22 when diagnosed, I struggled a lot, especially with my mental health.  At this time,  I was invited to a cancer support centre where I was introduced to yoga, meditation and crystals. I felt instantly connected and enormously uplifted by these holistic practices and felt they had a great impact on my mental and emotional recovery.


Crystals fascinated me so much that I started experimenting making jewellery with them. This was both calming and therapeutic and also gave me something positive to focus on during this uncertain time in my life. Wearing the jewellery I’d made for myself soon became noticed by friends and family who started asking me if I would make necklaces for them too! Getting creative with crystals struck a real passion within me. After opening an online shop and selling my handmade jewellery on market stalls every weekend, I gained lots of returning customers. I applied to the Princes Trust for business support and that's when my business really started to flourish!


In 2018 after much hard work, I opened my very own beautiful shop, High Vibe Crystal Cabin. The tranquil setting of The Crystal Cabin where I’m able to welcome my lovely customers with a friendly chat and crystal advise. I hand make crystal jewellery here at the Cabin including one off and bespoke pieces. The popularity of The Crystal Cabin has grown over the years and in 2021 the Cabin was extended, creating double the space for even more crystal goodies!

Over the years, yoga and meditation has become a core part of my life and in 2017 I began my yoga teacher training journey. My desire to improve my own mental health and wellbeing is the inspiration behind the practice and teaching of these ancient tools and traditions. I am deeply passionate about spreading their benefits and the positive impact they have given me and hope others can receive the same benefits too.

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