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Couples Connection and Relaxation Expe

Indulge in a unique Valentine's Day experience at our intimate, warm and cozy Yoga Cabin. Beginning with guided partner breathwork and a heart opening meditation, creating a deep, energetic connection with one another, and concluding with a blissful sound bath to promote a sense of peace and harmony as you float together in the calming sounds and frequencies of the instruments. ⁠Select your date below! 
(please note: one booking is for one couple! each couple only needs to book one space!)

'A Sacred Start' New Year Yoga Bundle

A 4 week yoga, meditation and relaxation practice dedicated to preparing for the year ahead. 

High Vibe Yoga with Sophie

A variety of different Yoga classes and relaxation sessions every Saturday and Sunday

High Vibe Yoga Cabin

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About Us

High Vibe Alignment is a holistic and wellbeing brand focused on quality products, sessions and treatments to help you live a life in alignment with the highest version of you! We offer:

 A large selection of quality, handpicked crystals

Handmade crystal jewellery and bespoke designs

Wellness sessions such as yoga, meditation & sound baths

Holistic treatments such as reiki, massage & reflexology


Consciously choosing to live a life in alignment with the highest version of yourself

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