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One of the most healing modalities we have available to us is sound. Sound Baths are a wonderful opportunity for relaxation, allowing you to be still, let go of the day-to-day hustle and bustle and bring you into the present moment, immersed in the sound of a variety of beautiful instruments. 


Please see below for upcoming Sound Bath relaxations! Please wear your most comfortable clothes and bring along a blanket, a pillow

(or 2 for extra comfort), an eye pillow and anything else you feel will allow you to truly rest and relax. Anyone attending the Castle Bromwich dates will need to bring their own Yoga or exercise mat. 


I have regularly attended a number of Sophie's Sound Bath relaxations and each and every one has been a deeply relaxing, transformational experience.Being able to just switch off for the session and be immersed in the sound of Sophie's very beautifully played instruments is so healing and so restorative. Such a safe and deeply relaxing space. Would highly, highly recommend! 

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