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  • Entering the new year is such a wonderful time to start building or deepening your Yoga practice! This 4 week bundle is designed to help you set your intentions for the year ahead and continue on a positive, mindful path. Perfect for all abilities, beginners more than welcome! Each practice will include variations of postures so that you are able to tailor your practice to your own needs and complete your 4 week practice at your own pace.

    Bundle Includes: ​

    Week One: Intention Setting Meditation and Yoga Practice, 1.5 hours

    Week Two: Calming, centring, grounding practice, 1 hour

    Week Three: Detoxifying and purifying the body, 1 hour

    Week Four: Mental clarity and focus, 1 hour ​

    alongside a Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and a clarity meditation for in-between your weekly practice

    1 week introductory price untill 04/01/23 £25. After 04/01/23 bundle will go to its original price of £35

    A Sacred Start Yoga Bundle

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