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The Crystal Cabin Easter egg hunt is BACK!!!  To celebrate Easter this year, we're holding a super egg-citing Easter Egg hunt around Grangewood Garden Centre!!! We will create 10 clues to guide you around the hunt, leading you to 10 different mini Easter eggs. Inside each Easter Egg will be an anagram that will spell out the name of a crystal. You will need the name of each crystal to claim your prize (any that you can't figure out off the top of your head, you can pop back into the cabin and see if you can find them in there😉). Once you have a list of the 10 Crystals, you can bring them back to the Crystal Cabin to claim your Easter Egg and a £5 voucher to spend at the cabin🥰

The hunt will be taking place on Good Friday (April 7th) and participants can join in at anytime between 12pm-4pm (after 4pm we will not be allowing any new entrants!). Tickets to participate are £7 each - we recommend purchasing beforehand so that we can make sure we have enough prizes for everyone! You can pop into the cabin to book, or book through the link below (1 ticket = 1 prize, all ages welcome, tickets must be bought by Wednesday 5th April)


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