• Polished, Clear Quartz crystal approx 3cm x 2.5cm  


    • Rose gold plated wire & chain. Choose your length of chain from the drop down menu.


    • Original, handmade design


    • Packaged in a recyclable display box with additional crystal information card in a branded gift bag.




    Clear Quartz

    A power stone, known as the"master healer", stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. It amplifies energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals. Quartz crystal can bring fresh energy and vitality to your being, releasing any stagnant or blocked energy or emotions.


    Quartz brings the body into balance and speeds up the process of cell regeneration. This stone is composed of silica, which is essential for the maintenance of healthy, well oxygenated cells - one of the fundamental building blocks of the immune system.



    All High Vibe Alignment crystals are cleansed with sage before being made into jewellery, allowing you to receive the most benefit from them!



    Please note that each and every crystal is unique so the crystal you receive may not be exactly as the photo but will be equally as beautiful.


    Quartz Crystal Necklace In Rose Gold Plated

    • Rose gold plated jewellery may slowly tarnish over time. Care for you rose gold plated necklace by avoiding direct contact with oils, creams and perfume. Wipe clean with a dust or damp cloth if needed. Store separate to other jewellery.